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[M] 1 point submitted 5 days agoBecause those are the rules we have established for the sub. We don know if a special guest will be there the second night, so we don want to spoil the canada goose coats on sale show for the people who are going the next day. In this case there was a different performer, but that might not have been the case. In uk canada goose outlet some of her Instagram posts you can see her outfits, which some people try to avoid.We remove pictures and posts buy canada goose jacket with spoilers cheap canada goose uk in the titles or not marked as spoilers.spinnerow 2 points submitted 5 days agoI guess i just don get why someone Canada Goose Coats On Sale who is trying to avoid canada goose store even the smallest spoilers about the show would go on the internet to a sub reddit that is going to be canada goose black friday sale talking about all those things they want to avoid. Nothing against how this sub is moderated, i understand the postion you in. But it frustrating when 85% of post have to be tagged as spoiler so you have to click on everything to see it. Even just something that taylor herself has posted on social media. I feel like if i were going to thay extent to avoid spoilers i would go into blackout mode and not go anywhere where spoilers could be, like i do for movies or other things like that. Sorry lol mini rant over.spinnerow 3 points cheap Canada Goose submitted 1 month agoBecause i don believe it going to greatly reduce anything. If people aren going to play quickplay to practice a new hero for a whole week but canada goose uk shop insta lock them the day they hit comp and don care that they don know how to play the hero, why would their mentality change just because the wait time for canada goose comp is longer? There are many people who only play comp just like there are those that only play qp or arcade. And the majority of people that are in the canada goose uk outlet “only play comp” category, aren suddenly going to go play several hours of other game modes just to canada goose coats practice her abilities canada goose factory sale when they already had a bad buy canada goose jacket cheap attitude about picking heroes they weren familiar with. I don know why people are disillusioned into thinking all those people that would insta lock new heroes before are going to have a sudden change of Canada Goose Outlet heart.spinnerow 3 points submitted 1 month agoIt Canada Goose online not an assumption, there have been polls in the past on this reddit about who plays what game modes and do they play them exclusively. Not that all OW players are on reddit but it gives us an idea at least. I never said it was the majority canada goose uk black friday of Canada Goose Online overwatch players that only play comp, i just said there are many of those that do. Also its based Canada Goose sale on experience with hero releases canadian goose jacket when someone picks them and the team asks if they got to play them very much yet canada goose clearance sale and often times the reply would be along the lines of “oh no i don play quickplay so i just started playing them.” The old way of releasing them was as good Canada Goose Parka as it was going to get. It gave plenty of time for those that wanted to try a new hero out a chance to do so.spinnerow 2 points submitted 2 months agoTo be fair “it pretty universally accepted on canada goose outlet canada goose clearance here” that rein is in a bad place pretty much because people have seen her played in OWL more than him. I have Canada Goose Jackets the opposite problem as you in diamond i see so many people taking orisa where she is much weaker than rein. Especially on attack on 2cp. Unless you are playing a full on bunker comp ir running torb or bastion to shield, canadagooseoutleta uk canada goose or on a certain map that favors pulls like Well, i don see her as the better hero imo. I more upset at all the people trying to flex on to ana when they aren even good with her and she is probably the healer in the worst meta spot right now.

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