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– Collect and summarize market information, competitors, products by market segment, customer groups, regions. – Developing a business plan, looking for clients and promoting the signing of contracts. – Planning customer development , market, turnover by month / – Receive information, request – Make a list of potential customers, propose plans / approaches, meet, care customers to promote, introduce products / services.

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Omid is very small, almost just a metal box and a transmitter, and the accomplishment is chiefly symbolic. While Safir 2 may be the start of the development of intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) technology by Iran, very little progress has been made down that road. Launching a heavy nuclear warhead over intercontinental distances would require a far more powerful rocket, and far more sophisticated technology.

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Designer Replica Bags Dong Phat park view tower apartment for sale from 1.2 to 1.8 billion per unit – All apartments in the project are surrounded by lake and green park
– Attached The project is located on the intersection of 2.5 ring road and the planned 40m2 road connecting with Time
– Investor: Dong Phat Investment JSC – Location: Vinh Hung ward, Hoang Mai district – Total project area: – Construction land area: – Building density: 45% – High floor: 30 floors – Project scale: Dong Phat Park View Tower is a 30 storey mixed building, including 02 basement for parking, 02 floors are arranged as service area, Trade Center – Floor area: 2710m2 – Area of ​​basement: 8400m2
– Number of apartments / floors: 12 units (per unit)
Number elevator: 10 lifts / 2 units (8 passenger lifts and 2 cargo lifts)
With the general planning of Hanoi City, the real estate development trend in 2015, the trend of strong development to the East and South of Dong Phat Apartment Park View is located in Vinh Hung ward, the center of Hoang Mai district, where the highest urban development and urbanization in Hoang district. Vinh Hoang lake and 20ha park is in Dong Phat Park View Hoang Mai with its prime location is black for each resident of the project a lot of utilities in the synchronous master plan of the district and the city with 02 floors Parking tunnel of Dong Phat Hoang Phat Apartment meets all needs of the residents of the reserve. – The generator system automatically starts after 15 seconds.

Dong Phat Park View Apartment Building located near Vinh Hung Primary School, Hoang Van Thu Secondary School, Mai Hac Secondary School – Southern Wholesale Market, Linh Nam Market, Big C Trade Center, HC, FIVI Mart… Near the project to meet the traditional and modern shopping needs of Dong Phat residents. Dong Phat Park View Tower is designed as a complex of buildings30 floors, from the third to the 30th floor is the apartment with 672 apartments with a variety of area from 62 to a floor. Dong Phat Park View apartment consists of 12 apartments with 4 corner, a corner room 2 rooms 3 bedroom corner apartment with 3 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, the elevation (4 passenger lifts, 1 cargo lift) with the density of less than 70 apartments / 1 elevator will ensure the demand of residents of the building is always the same. Mai not only owns the advantages of location, design… Attractive price from only 18 million / m2 with the flexible payment policy offers more opportunities for customers Designer Replica Bags.

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