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No15: Atsushi Yanagisawa, Japan

Where’s he from? Japan.

Where does he play? Up front.

And what’s he like? Oh it’d be too difficult to explain.

Well, just take one facet of his make-up and make a fatuous comparison to a player from the Premiership. What a good idea. He’d be a bit like Duncan Ferguson, then.

In that he likes going out, drinking several pints of heavy and then can you wash a canada goose jacket in the washer chinning people standing in taxi queues on the way home? No.

In that he likes chinning people standing on football pitches? No.

He shoots racing pigeons? No.

He’s huge, then, and surprisingly nimble on the ground for a big man? Not really. He’s 5’8″.

Well, what’s with the Duncan Ferguson comparison, then? He’s scored plenty of goals with his head. You were the one that said fatuous.

Why I oughta… it’s about time you gave best mens canada goose jacket me some useful information, bub! Fair enough, I suppose. Yanagisawa’s authority in the air blows away the stereotypical image of the small Japanese footballer, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a handful on the deck as well. Atsushi can put them away clinically with both feet, and his passing buy canada goose jacket in canada and link-up play is second to none. Well, maybe excluding a certain Mr Nakata.

Evidence of Atsushi’s talent, please. When Japan played Italy last November, buy canada goose jacket usa the Arsenal midfielder Junichi Inamoto sent over a cross to an unmarked Yanagisawa, who dispatched a searing volley past Gianluigi Buffon. Nobody was quite sure what was the more amazing: Yanagisawa’s screamer, or the fact that a telling contribution to a wonderful work of art was made by Inamoto, widely regarded by all of Japan as a bit inept.

So can you wash a canada goose parka does Atsushi do this sort of thing often? Often enough. He’s scored canada goose coat 1000 calorie bariatric diet nine in 22 internationals, alerting Italian side Perugia to his talents. Not that Yanagisawa feels too flattered; the current Japanese sports writers’ Footballer best canada goose jacket review of the Year has decided to stay put at his club, Kashima Antlers, anyone has got canada goose coat best price for canada goose jacket to “raise the standard of the J League”. Either that or he’s holding out for a better offer after the World Cup.

Sounds like the dream player. So come on. Come on what?

There must be a catch. Well, there’s a touch of the Andy Coles about him, if canada goose coat 1000 calorie you’ll pardon another fatuous comparison. His goals-to-chances ratio isn’t the best; he’s been known to spurn the odd one-on-one, shanking balls left clearance, right, and anywhere but centre.

At least he’s trying. Coach Phillipe Troussier doesn’t seem to think so. He’s dropped Yanagisawa on several occasions as punishment for what he sees as a lackadaisical attitude, and once famously hauled the player off against Saudi Arabia only minutes after sending him on as a substitute.

Perhaps he gets tired easily. Perhaps he does. Troussier was also forced to drop him during the last Olympics for breaking a team curfew to galavant with his girlfriend, a TV weathergirl.

Hmm, TV weathergirls causing bother in football circles. Where have I heard that before? Where indeed.

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